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" Regarding my recovery I have been helped a lot with this training - very theraputic. It gives me an incentive and willingness to come out regularly"



"I am a member of the enterprise and have learnt many skills. My confidence and enjoyment of working for the project has increased immensely"

Studio 306 Member


" I love coming to studio 306 because it feels like a community...the teachers are patient and undstanding of my symtoms. It engages my mind onto something different other than the voices and is therefore a real benefit to me"


"Going to the studio is like letting a frightened child play in the shallow end and get used to the feel of the water with no real pressure to swim.I see myself as capable, as passionate about art and creation. All this in pressure-less environment. I've got a long way to go for sure but what I owe the studio is beyond words alone."  EL

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